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GranthamPoole CPAs

1062 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 201
Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States 39157


GranthamPoole's reputation for excellence reflects the values and integrity of its leaders. "Trusted advisors, solving your problems," is a statement we take very seriously. GranthamPoole has, over the years, developed solutions to problems that have made the lives of our clients easier and more profitable.

GranthamPoole became one of the largest firms in the state of Mississippi as a result of the merger of Grantham, Randall, Arrington & Company and Poole, Cunningham & Reitano, PA in 1999. With 22 CPA partners and 14 CPA associates, our firm is well equipped to satisfy any client's accounting needs.

We reward our clients' trust by solving problems that arise in all areas of business and personal finance. We have a strong foundation in all areas of financial service.

Contact List:
Lynn Lister
Debbie Atkinson
Greg Markow
George W. Butler, Jr., CPA
John McCallum, CPA
Barbara Hunter, Marketing/Public Relations
Michael Denny, CPA, CFP®
J. Thomas Grantham Jr., CPA, CFP, PFS, ABV
Jane Cargile
Sue Carole Chisolm, CPA
Andrew Jones
Carolyn McClain
Cindy Eckles
Esther Garrett
Jessica Cooley, CPA
Christine Knupp, CPA
John Long, CPA
Karen Macon
Karen Kay
Donna Morris, CPA
Jo-Anna Ray
Kathy Reed, CPA
Karen Wagner, CPA
Luxie Taylor
Melanie Woodrick, CPA
Alex Sanders
Jennifer Boutwell, CPA
Denise Johnson
Melanie Morrow, CPA, CFE, CCS
Jenni O'Quinn, CPA
Cindy Pace
Michael S. Hanson, CPA
Mary Lancaster
Virginia Morris, CPA
Louann Irby, CPA
Peggy Barthel
Mary Henry
Angie Antici, CPA
Melanie Teasley
Cappie McLean
Brad Hatchett, CPA, CVA
Tracie Dupuy, CPA
Katie Banks
Janet Guilzon
Carolynn Arnold
Ken Papizan, CISM, CISA, CISSP
Tonya Oliver
Virginia Gordon
Brian Phillips
Bronson Hydrick
Kristen Fisher
Margaret Anne McGuire
Will Russell
Bill Crim, Jr., CPA
Mark Brown
Eileen Keller
Alan Arrington, CPA
Lisa Browning, CPA
Dickens Quin Fournet, CPA
Bob Cunningham, CPA, CFE, CVA, ABV
Angela Fisher, CPA
Mary Ann Mosal, CPA
James E. Poole, CPA
Charles Rafferty, CPA, CFE, CVA, ABV, CFF
Vance Randall, CPA
Richard Reitano, CPA
Stephanie Smith, CPA, CFF




NOVEMBER 5, 2014

2014 Enterprise Worldwide International Services Forum
Barcelona, Spain,